MAR 2018
Tips on Consumer Claims Management
Via Pixabay.

Tips on Consumer Claims Management


Angella Navarro, Consumer Protection specialist at ONTIER Peru, brings us a few tips to successfully manage consumer claims. Indecopi, the Peruvian Institute for Competence Defence and Intellectual Property Protection, has started carrying out several measures to raise awareness on consumer rights. The latest reforms carried out in consumer protections regulations provide companies with better incentives to encourage a more efficient management of consumer claims.

In order to help companies achieve a more efficient management performance, Angella Navarro recommends having a qualified team of customer support professionals making it possible for the company to keep in touch with the clients. That way the image of the company will improve. Then she recommends focusing on a correct management of the claims filed by offering quick solutions, since otherwise consumers will need to reach out to entities like Indecopi to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Last but not least, she notes that the company needs to fully comply with consumer protection regulations and set mechanisms to prevent administrative complaints.

The best way to avoid administrative complaints is making sure to comply with all the aforementioned requirements, since as long as claims are processed internally and a solution is provided to consumers, they won't need to reach out to entities like Indecopi.

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