APR 2018
Peru: The Time Has Come to File the Annual Income Tax Return
Via Pixabay.

Peru: The Time Has Come to File the Annual Income Tax Return


Legis.pe interviewed ONTIER Peru Lawyer Fiorella Samhan to talk about the latest news regarding the Annual Income Tax Return for 2017. 

Fiorella Shamhan explains in this article, with some of the most common examples, how to proceed correctly when filing the return according to the origin of the income generated. She also highlights the importance of reviewing the deductible expenses since some of them have certain particularities. This is the case of expenses for renting or subletting, for interest on mortgage loans for the purchase of a first home, for services provided by doctors and dentists, for services provided by domestic workers or for other independent services.

Furthermore, Fiorella Shamhan notes that it's key to have the documents required to justify the deduction of this type of expenses for a more efficient refund. She also states that income coming from capital, including rental income, is already included in the corresponding digital platform available to file the annual income tax return.

Here you can check the full article (SP only).