JUNE 2018
Facebook and Privacy Policies
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Facebook and Privacy Policies


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has also arrived to Peru and today Antoni Bosch Pujol, Partner at ONTIER Peru, explains some of the keys of this new regulation in an article for newspaper El Peruano. The recently delivered judgement on the Facebook case forced many companies to reflect on their privacy policies and their terms and conditions. 

First it should be noted that the N 29733 Data Protection Act is a constitutional mandate of the country. In addition, it applies to personal data, which must belong to a personal data bank. From now on, with the news brought by the GDPR, there will be changes in the way companies process this type of data. The interested party must be informed of the processing of his/her personal data and must have the right to access, correct, cancel and express opposition with respect to his/her data. On the other hand, the regulations establish certain security measures with the aim of protecting the personal data that companies are processing.

Adapting to these new conditions may seem complicated but the key question for companies is: how would I like my personal data to be treated? With the right answer it will be much easier to achieve this change successfully.

You can check the full article down below (SP only).