Juan Vicente Ugarte del Pino †

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Santiago de Surco - Lima

Juan Vicente Ugarte del Pino †

Honorary Partner | ONTIER PERU · Lima

A lawyer born in Lima in 1923. Degree from the Faculty of law and political science of the major national University of San Marcos and a PhD from the University of Alcalá de Henares.

He has served as a professor at the University of San Marcos, in the Pontifical University Catholic of the Peru, in the University of the Pacific, in the University of Lima and the Universidad San Martín de Porres. Professor Emeritus of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

He also highlighted as a researcher of the Institute of Indian law; President of the Juratorio of doctors in Peru; Dean of the College of lawyers of Lima (1973-1974), President of the Sala Penal of the Supreme Court, President of the Court Supreme of Justice of Peru (1987-1988), Member of the Court of Justice in the Cartagena Agreement (1992), Member of the Commission of Jurists in defense of Peru before the International Court in the Hague since 2008.

He has been member of the Peruvian Academy of law, Director of society Peruvian of history, corresponding to the Royal Academy of moral and political sciences in Madrid and the Galician Academy of legislation and jurisprudence, among others. He has written several books and many articles.

He died in Lima, on 6 October 2015.